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Capt. Bruce ( offers a line of unique lures that he has designed and tested utilizing his knowledge and experience of more than 45 years on the water. The effectiveness of his lure designs have been proven day after day and year after year aboard his charter boat “The Otter” sailing from Groton, CT. The lures offered here are responsible for the many success stories of thousands of his customers and clients.

Available now are:

  • Otter “Bunker” spoons
  • Otter Tubes
  • Otter Long Tails
  • Otter Short Tails
  • Otter Tiny Tails
  • Otter Leech Tails
  • Otter Combo Scent
  • Otter Custom Bunker and Worm Trolling Rods

ALL “OTTER LURE” products are proudly made in the U.S.A. by Captain Bruce & Crew

“The first truly superior alternative to the pork rind.

Several years ago, Captain Bruce designed, developed and tested a new material from which he has created several types of lure and strip baits. This new material is soft, flexible and it absorbs and holds scent like a sponge. It is tough enough for repeated catches even on toothy fish and won’t dry up and shrivel if left exposed to sunlight and air. It can be dyed any color and with glitter adds a flashy attractant. Many of the colors we have chosen are iridescent and have pearl like reflective tones. We also offer Tails that Glow in the Dark.

There are new designs being developed so check back often to see if they are in production.

Otter Tails

  • Provide strike stimulating scented action

  • Last longer than plastic or pork

  • Sizes to fit all presentations

  • User friendly packaging

  • Many vibrant sparking colors

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • A positive addition to any tacklebox

  • Made in the USA

For maximum effectiveness occasionally return the lure to the jar to recharge with scent and worm oil lubricant.

Otter Tails are stuck together in pairs. Peel apart to separate them.

Each re-closable jar of 8 comes pre-scented with Capt. Bruce’s Combo-Scent.




Otter Long Tails

“OTTER TUBE TAILS” are 6 1/2 inches long and provide strike stimulating scented action on tube lures. They can also be used on bucktails, fluke rigs and umbrella rigs. They may also be cast alone on a single hook with a slip sinker for most any fresh or saltwater fish.

Otter Short Tails

“OTTER SHORT TAILS”  are 5 inches long and were designed primarily for buctails, fluke and seabass rigs, also a variety of fresh water applications.

Otter Tiny Tails

“Otter Twin Tails” are 2.5 inches long. These tails were designed for smaller salt water and fresh water fishing applications. They can be used alone, on a hook, or fished on small jigs, spinner baits, or spoons.

Otter Action Leeches

“Otter Action Leeches” come in all three sizes, (long, short, and tiny) with the difference being they are packaged in pure leach oil.

Otter Tubes

“OTTER TUBES” are one of the “weapons of choice” aboard Capt. Bruce’s charter boat when hunting for Trophy Striped Bass.

These tubes are made from the most productive color that Capt. Bruce has found, which is translucent RED. They are 20” long, supple and are armed with an 8/0 custom hook*. The tubes come in 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. and un-weighted. Un-weighted tubes are ideal for Kayakers or shoreline fishing in shallow waters of 10 feet or less. Each tube can be adjusted to give perfect slow rolling action by gently coiling and squeezing, thus imparting a banana shaped bend.
For different color arrangements simply change the color of the “OTTER TAIL” on the business end of the tube.

Remember, all tubes need an “OTTER TAIL” or sandworm or strip bait on the hook end to be effective for Striped Bass.

Captain Bruce finds the “Tube and Tail” method works best.

*Note: All tubes are now made with a superior custom hook that stays sharper longer, has a superior barb and is 3X stronger.

OTTER “Bunker” Spoons

SOLD OUT - New design coming soon.

Capt. Bruce’s Otter Spoons have evolved over many years of testing and tweaking. The end result is an amazing spoon, that when tested by Capt. Bruce against the top competitive spoons, out-fished them all.

Capt. Bruce now uses his own spoons exclusively on his charter boat “The Otter” out of Groton, CT. His record catches confirm the effectiveness of not only his spoons, but all of his unique Otter Lure designs.

Otter Spoons receive a seven step automotive finish that is far superior to other spoons. (Note: the beautiful and durable finishes are painted by Auto Body Professional Ryan Bernard of Leon’s Auto Repair in Keene, NH.)

The flashy teasers, the swivels and needle sharp VMC hooks are examples of a design that has been taken a number of steps further than even the most popular “Bunker Spoons” on the market today. The result has been more strikes, fewer fish lost, along with more flexibility in speed and rod requirements due to greater adjustability in the swimming action.

Otter Spoons are simply better than the rest.

Otter Spoons are currently offered in six strike stimulating colors and in two sizes Large 8” X 4” and Medium 6 7/8” X 3 3/8”. A Small Surfcasting spoon is in production.

Colors are:
White; Green/Yellow Chartreuse; Blue/White; Flounder Brown; Porgy-Bunker Pink; and Black


COMBO-SCENT is blended by Captain Bruce and Crew from Premium Squid and Fish Oils
with a Worm Oil Lubricant. It is also Pheromone and UV enhanced. Combo-Scent can be added to “OTTER TUBE TAILS”, “OTTER FAT TAILS”, “OTTER TWIN TAILS”, “OTTER ACTION LEECHES or any other plastic bait package to “recharge” baits with scent.

Combo-Scent is available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. re-closable squeeze bottles.


Captain Bruce guarantees you will be satisfied with his “OTTER LURE” products.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, simply call Capt. Bruce (860-235-6095) within 60 days of purchase before returning a product for complete refund, including reasonable postage.

Thank you for choosing OTTER LURE PRODUCTS. Best of luck with your fishing adventures!

Captain Bruce Millar


All of the OTTER Lures and products are hand-made, and the demand is high. We apologize in advance for any temporary shortages of colors or particular products that may occur.

  • We are continually improving our production capabilities to keep up with demand

  •  "Otter Tails" allow you to change or try different colors and/or color combinations on the business end of the tube and at the same time will add strike stimulating scented action. You will soon see that this is a productive and deadly combination. A definite improvement of the tried and true "Tube & Worm" technique!

  • 2 or more tails of different colors can be put on the same hook and still retain the same strike stimulating action and swim correctly.

  • The un-weighted tubes are ideal for the Kayak or shoreline angler trolling in shallow waters less than 10 feet deep.

  • The internal stainless steel wire enables the tube to be gently bent to produce that all important slow rolling motion.

  • Tubes of course, are only effective with our Otter Tails, sandworms or strip bait on the hook.

  • Otter Tails and Lures are hand-made – there may be a slight difference in color in each batch.

  • If worm oil gets depleted in the re-sealable package and baits get slightly sticky, simply add a small amount of “Otter Combo Scent / worm oil or a small amount of vegetable oil – DO NOT USE MINERAL OIL

  • OTTER TAIL baits can be made shorter if desired by shortening and rounding off the hook end with scissors or a knife.

  • Otter Fat Tails are not pre-punched with a hole on the hook end. Simply force the hook point through the fat end. For easier hook removal you can pre-punch a small hole with a knife point or awl.

  • Tails can be used on umbrella rigs. They provide lots of swim action without twisting.

  • Tails can also be used on fluke rigs instead of strip baits.

  • Tails can be used alone on a single hook with an egg sinker and cast on light tackle

  • You can and are encouraged to add your choice of scent oils to the re-closable jar. Place the lure flat, not all crunched up into the jar.

  • Tails are also very effective for fresh water fishing.

  • Otter Tails are pre-punched with a hole for the hook.

The lures are the proven original replacement for Uncle Josh and developed over 10 years ago.

Please feel free to call Captain Bruce (860-235-6095) with any questions or suggestions.

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